Do it yourself Gutter Covers

Don't waste your time Cleaning your Gutters Each Year

  • Cleaning Gutters is Dangerous
  • Un-channeled Rain Water can damage your home
  • Knock Off! is Guaranteed to keep water flowing
  • Compare to the competition and save thousands
  • Knock Off! screws to the Fascia, not to the roof
  • Straightens your existing gutter system
  • Coated with no-fade Kynar finish

Instructional Videos

Take a look at our instructional videos showing installation techniques, and tips from the pros. 

See More Videos: Installation, Tips & Tricks, Tools Needed

Can you do this?

Just 3 easy steps to receive a materials quote:

Tape measure for measureing gutter covers


Measure the gutter on your home for running footage needed.

Selecting a Gutter Cover Color


View your home from the street or at a distance and look for the overall tone of your roof and match the color as close as possible.

Identifing Water Channeling Areas


Identify the areas on your home that channel and concentrate water flow to the gutter system.

Gutter Protection That Works!

  • The flow-limiting ribbed design slows and spreads water, causing it to sheet instead of bead.
  • 25 year proven nose-forward design channels rainwater in, while keeping leaves and other debris out.
  • Traps over 22" of water.
  • High performance alloy with tough-wearing Kynar 500 finish available in 9 designer colors.
  • Our proven profile is on over a million homes across the country.
  • 20% thicker metal than the leading compitition.
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